ECM Records - 1989 to Present:

Fish Out Of Water ,   ECM
Recorded 7/1989
Bobo Stenson, Palle Danielsson, Jon Christensen

Notes From Big Sur    ECM
Recorded 11/1991
Bobo Stenson, Anders Jormin, Ralph Peterson

The Call    ECM
Recorded 7/1993
Bobo Stenson, Anders Jormin, Billy Hart

All My Relations   ECM
Recorded 7/1994
Stenson, Jormin, Hart

Canto    ECM
Recorded 12/1996
Stenson, Jormin, Hart

Voice In The Night ECM
Recorded 5/1998
John Abercrombie, Dave Holland, Billy Higgins

The Water Is Wide   ECM
Recorded 12/1999
Brad Mehldau, John Abercrombie, Larry Grenadier, Billy Higgins

Hyperion With Higgins   ECM
Recorded 12/1999
Mehldau, Abercrombie, Grenadier, Higgins

Lift Every Voice ECM
Recorded Jan/Feb 2002
John Abercrombie, Geri Allen, Larry Grenadier, Marc Johnson, Billy Hart

Recorded 1/2001

Jumping the Creek   ECM
Recorded 2005
Geri Allen, Robert Hurst, Eric Harland

Sangam ECM
Recorded 2006
Zakir Hussain, Eric Harland

Rabo de Nube
Recorded Live 2007 - Basel, Switzerland
Jason Moran, Reuben Rogers, Eric Harland

Charles Lloyd as Leader :

Discovery! Columbia  
Recoded 5/1964
Charles Lloyd, tenor saxophone, flute, Don Friedman, piano, Eddie Khan,
bass, Richard Davis, bass, Roy Haynes, drums, J.C. Moses, drums

Of Course , Of Course Columbia
Recorded 3/1965
Gabor Szabo, Ron Carter, Tony Williams

She's a woman / You know Columbia
Recorded 3/1965 (single)
Gabor Szabo, Ron Carter, Tony Williams

Nirvana    Columbia
Recorded 3-10/1965  
Gabor Szabo, Ron Carter, Tony Williams

The Atlantic Years and the Original Quartet:

Dream Weaver Atlantic
Recorded 3/1966
Keith Jarrett, Jack DeJohnette, Cecil McBee; studio recording

Forest Flower Atlantic
Recorded 9/1966
live, same group

The Flowering Atlantic
Recorded 7+10/1966
live, same group

In Europe Atlantic
Recorded 10/1966
live, same group

Love-In Atlantic
Recorded 1/1967
live, Ron McClure replaces Cecil McBee

Journey Within Atlantic
Recorded 1/1967
live, same group

In The Soviet Union Atlantic
Recorded 5/1967
live, same group

Soundtrack Atlantic
Recorded 11/1968
live, same group

With Chico Hamilton:

Irma La Douce - Bye Bye Birdie Columbia
Recorded 11/1960
Charles Lloyd on alto sax and flute; "chamber jazz" with guitar / cello

Chico Hamilton Special Columbia
Recorded 11/1960
Charles Lloyd on alto sax and flute; "chamber jazz" with guitar / cello

Jingle Bell Jazz Columbia
Recorded 5/1961 one track

Who's Who In The Swinging Sixties Columbia
Recorded 7/1961 one track

Drumfusion Columbia
Recorded 2/1962
Musical director Charles Lloyd; Gabor Szabo,   Albert Stinson, George Bohanon,
Chico Hamilton, all Lloyd compositions!

The Giants Of Jazz Columbia
Recorded 2/1962 one track

Transfusion Studio West
Recorded 1962 rare recordings;
Gabor Szabo, George Bohanon, Albert Stinson, Chico Hamilton,
Charles Lloyd

Passin' Thru Impulse!
Recorded 9/1962
Same group as above

A Different Journey Reprise
Recorded 1/1963
Same group as above; all Lloyd compositions!

Man From Two Worlds Impulse!
Recorded 12/1963
Gabor Szabo, Albert Stinson, Chico Hamilton, Charles Lloyd
all Lloyd compositions, including Forest Flower - A classic!

Chic Chic Chico Impulse!
Recorded 3/1965
one track

With Cannonball Adderly:

Recorded 8/1964
Cannonball's classic group, including Joe Zawinul

Fiddler On The Roof   Capitol Records
Recorded 10/1964
studio session with the same group

Radio Nights   Night Records
Recorded 1+4/1965
rare live recordings

BOOTLEG Recordings

Forest Flower J-Bop
Recorded 5/66-10/67 live bootleg;
both quartet versions

Jazz Jamboree '67, Vol. 1 Muza
Recorded 10/1967
1 live track

I Giganti Del Jazz , Vol. 19 Curcio
Recorded 1967
1 live track

In Concert - Parigi 1967 Jazz Collection 1967
live bootleg; Keith Jarrett, Ron McClure, Jack DeJohnette

The 70s

CHARLES LLOYD Moon Man Kapp Records
Recorded 1972
Michael Cohen, Ken Jenkins, Zitro, Ned Doheney

CHARLES LLOYD Warm Waters Kapp Records
Recorded 1971
Dave Mason, John Cipollina, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Billy Cowsill,
Rhetta Hughes, Michael O'Gara, Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Woodrow Theus II,
Eric Sherman, Tom Trujillo, James Zitro, Bill Wolf, Michael Cohen

Recorded 1972
Gabor Szabo, Tom Trujillo, Roger McGuinn, Wolfgang Metz, Roberto Miranda,
Woodrow Theus II, Mayuto, Mike Love, Carl Wilson, Al Jardine, Billy Hinsche,
Pamela Poland

Recorded 1973
Celestial Songhouse, Blackbird, Son Ship, Ashish Khan, Pranesh Khan

CHARLES LLOYD Morning Sunrise ADC Records  
Recorded 1973
Geeta out-takes released 1979 on an obscure label; the rarest!

CHARLES LLOYD Weavings Pacific Arts  
Recorded 1978

Recorded 11+/1978
Pat O'Hearn, Peter Maunu, Mark Isham, Mara Purl, Ed Drayton, Kim Calkins ( re-released in 1979 0n UNITY Records as Pathless Path)

CHARLES LLOYD Big Sur Tapestry Pacific Arts
Recorded 1976
one side flute solo, one with harp (Georgia Kelly )

CHARLES LLOYD Autumn In New York, Vol.1 , Destiny Records  
Recorded 1979 Standards,
string arrangements by Claire Fischer, Suzanne Wallach, vocals, Tom Grant, piano,
Kevin Brandon, bass, Kim Calkins, drums

THE BEACH BOYS Surf's Up Caribou
Recorded 1971 one track

THE BEACH BOYS Long Lost Surf Songs , Vol.6 Silver Rarities
Recorded 6/1974
bootleg of a radio show with Mike Love and John McLaughlin

THE BEACH BOYS 15 Big Ones Brother Records
Recorded 1/76,5/76 one track

THE BEACH BOYS M.I.U Album Reprise  
Recorded 1978

THE BEACH BOYS Holland Brother Records
Recorded 1972 one track

CANNED HEAT Historical Figures And Ancient Heads United Artists
Recorded 12/1971
2 tracks

Recorded 1971/72
one track

THE DOORS Full Circle Elektra  
Recorded 1972
2 tracks

GABOR SZABO Live With Charles Lloyd Blue Thumb Rec.
Recorded 1972
1 track

Recorded 1973
2 tracks, one with Bob Dylan on harmonica

Recorded 1976

Almost Summer (Soundtrack) MCA Records  
Recorded 1978

Celebration Pacific Arts  
Recorded 1978 on a few tracks

Disco Celebration    
Recorded 1978 on 1 instrumental track; very rare

MARA PURL Koto Kist Milford-Haven
Recorded 11+/1978
2 tracks from the Pathless Path session

The 80s

CHARLES LLOYD Night Blooming Jasmine Forest Farm Music
Recorded 1981
Michel Petrucciani, Roberto Miranda, Son Ship Theus ; cassette only

CHARLES LLOYD Montreux '82 Elektra Musician
Recorded 7/1982 live
Michel Petrucciani, Palle Danielsson, Son Ship Theus; LP

CHARLES LLOYD A Night In Copenhagen Blue Note
Recorded 1983 live
Petrucciani, Danielsson, Theus; Bobby McFerrin guests on 2 tracks

CHARLES LLOYD One Night With Blue Note Vol 4 Blue Note
Recorded 2/1985
5 tracks; live with Petrucciani, McBee, DeJohnette

Special Project Recordings

LES McCANN / G.WILSON Les McCann Sings Pacific
Recorded 8/1961

Acoustic Masters Vol. 1 Atlantic
Recorded 7/1993
Charles Lloyd, Cedar Walton, Buster Williams, Billy Higgins

A Big Hand For Hanshin (various) Polydor (Jap.)
Recorded 11/1994 1 live track;
Charles Lloyd, Bobo Stenson, Anders Jormin, Billy Hart

JOE SAMPLE Old Places Old Faces Warner Bros.
Recorded 1995
3 tracks

MARK ISHAM Afterglow the Soundtrack Columbia  
Recorded 1997
Charles Lloyd, Gary Burton, Geri Allen, Jeffrey Littleton, Billy Higgins

The Best of Summer Nights at MOCA no label
Recorded 1999
1 live track; Brad Mehldau, Jeffrey Littleton, Billy Higgins